Grab n Go Ambient 1000mm


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Calabria beautifully made Cabinets Refrigerated, Ambient & Heated for fast outlets...


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 Ambient Grab n Go 1000mmwide.

Refrigerated Grab n Go 1000mmwide.

 Heated Grab n Go 1000mmwide.

 Ambient Patisserie (back service only) 1000mmwide.

Ambient Patisserie (back service only) 1400mmwide.

 Refrigerated Patisserie (back service only) 1000mmwide.

Refrigerated Patisserie (back service only) 1400mmwide.

 Heated Patisserie (back service only) 1000mmwide.

 ......(All cabinets curved front & 810mm deep & 1375mm high)

(Square fronts & colours please ring us)


Thanks to its double glazed glass, it is the perfect cabinet for maintaining food in perfect conditions even in low temperatures.

 As a standalone cabinet with compact dimensions and easy maintenance, Calabria is the recommended choice for small premises that want to optimise their pastry product’s presentation, while maintaining suitable preservation conditions.

 Exclusive quality that offers advantages:

 • Neutral, refrigerated and chocolate version.

 • Ventilated cooling system (forced air).

 • Using only refrigerants (R404A) that comply with the environmental legislation.

 • The CFC free polyurethane insulation is injected at high pressure to a density of 40kg/m³.

 • Anti-condensation heating element.

 • Double glazed rear doors.

 • Frontal glass single (ambient) or double (refrigerated) glazed.

 • Double glazed side glasses.

 • Lacquered or wood side panels.

 • Lacquered or wood frontal panel.

 • 4 display levels.

 • 4 levels of interior lighting.

 • Large volume of refrigeration.

 • Lengths of 1100 and 1400 mm.

 • Digital control panel.

 • Thermometer at sight.

 • Adjustable feet.