Fryer (Freestanding) J18


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The Complete Lincat 600 Range...


Bains Marie (Electric)

BS3              Dry, 2xPots, 300mm, .5kw

BS3W           Wet, 2xPots, 300mm, 1kw

BS4              Dry, 4xPots, 450mm.75kw

BS4W           Wet, 4 Pots, 450mm, 1kw

BS7              Dry, 6xPots, 750mm, 1kw

BS7W           Wet, 6xPots, 750mm, 2kw

BM3             Dry, Gastro, 300mm, 3x1/4

BM3W          Wet, Gastro, 300mm, 3x1/4

BM4             Dry, Gastro, 450mm, 3x1/3

BM4W          Wet, Gastro,450mm,  3x1/3

BM6             Dry, Gastro, 600mm, 6x1/4

BM6W          Wet, Gastro, 600mm, 6x1/4

BM7             Dry, Gastro,750mm,  1x1/2, 3x1/6, 3x14

BM7W          Wet, Gastro, 750mm, 6x1/4

Boiling Tops

HT3             Electric, Double, 300mm, 3kw

HT6             Electric, Quad, 600mm, 7kw

HT7             Electric, Quad, 750mm, 7kw

HT3N            NatGas, Double, 300mm, 9kw

HT3P            LpgGas, Double, 300mm, 9kw

HT6N            NatGas, Quad, 600mm, 18kw

HT6P            LpgGas, Quad, 600mm, 18kw

HT9N            NatGas, Quad, 900mm, 27kw

HT9P            LpgGas, Quad, 900mm, 27kw


ECG6           Electric, Dual Knob Control, 600mm, 8kw

ECG9           Electric, 5 Knob Control, 900mm, 13kw

CG4N           NatGas, Dual Control, 450mm, 14.3kw

CG4P           LpgGas, Dual Control, 450mm, 14.3kw

CG6N           NatGas, Dual Control, 600mm, 14.3kw

CG6P           LpgGas, Dual Control, 600mm, 14.5kw

Cooking Ranges

LMR9N         NatGas, 6 Burner Range, 900mm, 35kw

LMR9P         LpgGas, 6 Burner Range, 900mm, 35kw

SLR6N         NatGas Range, 4 Burners, 600mm, 24kw

SLR6P          LpgGas Range, 4 Burners, 600mm, 24kw

SLR9N          NatGas Range, 6 Burners, 900mm, 35.5kw

SLR9P          LpgGas Range, 6 Burners, 900mm, 35.5kw

ESLR9C        Electric Range, 6 Burners 900mm, 16.5kw

Fryers (Table Top)

DF33            Electric, Single, 300mm, 9L, 3kw (Also 6kw & 9kw)

DF46            Electric, Twin, 450mm, 15L, 6kw (also 9kw)

DF66/ST       Electric, Twin, 600mm, 20L, 6kw

DF66            Electric, Double, 600mm, 2x9L, 2x3kw

DF612          Electric, Double, 600mm, 2x9L, 2x6kw

DF4N           NatGas, Twin, 450mm, 8Litre, 11.3kw

DF4P            LpgGas, Twin, 450mm, 8Litre, 11.3kw

DF7N           NatGas, Double, 600mm, 2x6Litre, 16kw

DF7P            LpgGas, Double, 600mm, 2x6Litre, 16kw

DC04N         NatGas, Doughnut Fryer, 450mm 11.3kw

DC04P          LpgGas, Doughnut Fryer, 450mm, 11.3kw

Fryers (Freestanding)

J6                Electric, Single, 300mm, 9L, 6kw

J9                Electric, Single, 300mm, 9L, 9kw

J12              Electric, Double, 600mm, 2x9L, 2x6kw

J18              Electric, Double, 600mm, 2x9L, 2x9kw

J5N              NatGas, Single, 300mm, 12L, 12kw

J5P              LpgGas, Single, 300mm, 12L, 11.3kw

J10N            NatGas, Double, 300mm, 2x12L, 24kw

J10P            LpgGas, Double, 300mm, 2x12L, 22.6kw


GS3             Electric, Smooth, 300mm 2kw

GS4             Electric, Smooth, 450mm, 2.7kw

GS6             Electric, Smooth, 600mm, 3kw

GS7             Electric, Smooth, 750mm, 6kw

GS4N           NatGas, 450mm, 5.4kw

GS4P            LpgGas, 450mm, 5.4kw

GS7N           NatGas, 750mm, 7.5kw

GS7P            LpgGas, 750mm, 8kw

Grills, Salamander

GR3             Electric, Overhead Grill, 600mm, 3kw

AS3              Electric, “Up n Down” Grill, 600mm, 2.8kw

AS4              Electric, “Up n Down” Grill, 600mm, 4.5kw

GR3N           NatGas, Overhead Grill, 600mm, 5kw

GR3P           LpgGas, Overhead Grill, 600mm, 5kw

GR7N           NatGas, Overhead Grill, 750mm, 6.5kw

GR7P           LpgGas, Overhead Grill, 750mm, 6.5kw

Induction Hobs

SL13            Single, 450mm, 2.4kw

SL13W         Single (WOK TOP), 450mm, 2.4kw

SL121          Double, 450mm, 3kw

SL142          Quad, 600mm, 2x3kw

Ovens, General Purpose

LMO9N         NatGas, Freestanding Oven in SS, W900mm, 8kw

LMO9P         LpgGas, Freestanding Oven in SS, W900mm, 8kw

LMD9N         NatGas, Stacked Freestanding Oven, W900mm, 16kw

LMD9P         LpgGas, Stacked Freestanding Oven, W900mm, 16kw

Ovens (To go under equipment)

V6               Electric, S/S, Solid Door, 600mm, 3kw

V6F              (As above but fan assisted), 3kw

V6D             (As above but glass oven door), 3kw

V6FD            (As above +Fan + Glass Door), 3kw

V7               Electric, Solid oven door, 750mm, 3kw

V74              (As above but fan assisted), 4kw


+ Ring us for: Choice of Gastro container choice, plain worktops, open & closed stands including heated bases etc etc…


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