Pasta Cooker G3203 (LpgGas)


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Bains Marie…

400x770x455mm, Electric, 1kw, E3407

Boiling Top…

2 Open Burners, NatGas, G3122, 10.6kw, 400mm (& LPG)

4 Open Burners, NatGas, G3124, 21.2kw, 600mm (& LPG)

6 Open Burners, NatGas, G3121, 231.8kw, 900mm (& LPG)

Solid Top on stand, NatGas, 10.2kw, G3127, 9Bains Marie E340mm (& LPG)

3 Hotplate Top, Electric, E3121 3HP, 9.7kw, 900mm

4 Hotplate Top, Electric, E3121 4HP, 10kw, 900mm

Bratt Pans…

800x770x890mm, Manual Tilt, Electric, 7.6kw, E3800D

800x770x890mm, Manual Tilt, NatGas, 14kw, G3800D (& Lpg)

Chargrills (table top)

400mm, NatGas, 10.8kw, G3425 (& Lpg)

600mm, NatGas, 17,2kw, G3625 (& Lpg)

900mm, NatGas, 26.3kw, G3925 (& Lpg)

1200mm, NatGas, 31,8kw, G31225 (& Lpg)

1500mm, NatGas, 37.2kw, G31525 (& Lpg)

Chip Scuttle…

400x770x455mm, Electric, 1kw, E3405


Single, NatGas, (1 basket & 1 Pan), 16.7kw, G3830, 300mm (& LPG)

Single, Electric, (1 basket & 1 Pan), 10kw, E3830, 400mm

Twin, NatGas, (2 basket x 1 pan), 23kw, G3840F, 400mm

Twin, Electric, (1 basket & 1 Pan), 20kw, E3840F, 400mm

Twin, NatGas, 30kw, G3860, 600mm (& LPG)

Double, NatGas, (2 baskets, 2 pans), 30k, (&L PG

Double, (NatGas) 2x 16.7kw, G3865, 600mm (& LPG)

Double, Electric, 18.3kw, E3862, 600mm wide

Grill (Overhead)…

730x540x500mm, Electric, 5.2kw, E3512

725x585x505mm, NatGas, 16.5kw, G3512 (& Lpg)

785x360x325mm, Electric, 3.9kw, E3532

785x360x350mm, NatGas, 6.65kw, G3532 (& Lpg)

Griddles (table top)…

400mm, Smooth, NatGas, 5.3kw, G3441 (& Lpg)

400mm, Smooth, Electric, 3.5kw, E3441

400mm, Ribbed, NatGas, 5.3kw, G3441R & Lpg)

400mm, Ribbed, Electric, 3.5, E3441R

600mm, Smooth, NatGas, 11kw, G3641 & Lpg)

600mm, Half Ribbed, NatGas, 11kw, G3641R & Lpg)

800mm, Smooth, Electric, 6.88kw, E3481

800mm, Half Ribbed, Electric, 6.88kw, E3481R

900mm, Smooth, NatGas, 16.5kw , G3941 (& Lpg)

900mm, Half Ribbed, NatGas, 16.5kw, G3941R (& Lpg)

Pasta Cooker…

400x770x890mm, Electric, 8.3kw, E3204

400x770x890mm, NatGas, 18.2kw, G3203 (& Lpg)

600x770x890mm, NatGas, 32.5kw, G3206 (& Lpg)

Ovens, Steaming…

600x840x1590mm, Electric, 8.6kw, E3478 (Atmospheric)

600x840x1590mm, NatGas, 12.7kw, G3478  (& Lpg),(Atmospheric)


4 Open Burners, NatGas, G3161, 26kw, 600mm. (& LPG)

6 Open Burners, NatGas, Double oven door, G3101, 39kw, 900mm (& LPG)

6 Open Burners, NatGas, Single oven door, G3101D, 39kw, 900mm (& LPG)

Solid Top Range, NatGas, Double oven door, G3107, 17.3kw, 900mm (& LPG)

Solid Top Range, Electric, Double oven door, E3101, 14.7kwkw, 900mm

Solid Top Range, Electric, Single oven door, E3101D, 14.7kwkw, 900mm